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Michael Jackson [This is It] movie

Today, Hong Kong show Micheal Jackson [This is it] movie. I will see it on Sunday.
Yesterday, pre-show on the world. I watched some part of this moive from internet. I am so touching and regret he died. He is talent. Both in dancing and singing. I am sad. And why he died before the concert. It's great concert. His voice and dance was prefect. Most new dancing. I really want to watch this DVD. But, every fans regret that we couldn't have chance.
So, we only watched his past video.


by hkdingdong | 2009-10-29 00:50 | Entertainment

賭博黙示録カイジ~ Movie

Next week, Hong Kong will show the movie賭博黙示録カイジ. This anime that I watched last year. Of course, so love it. The story talking about human psychology. Very exciting. Now the human version, I think it couldn’t shot exacting to the animation. However, I will go to see it because the story is so attractive. 松山 ケンイチ I like his performance in human version from animation. Like “L” from “Death Note”.


by hkdingdong | 2009-10-28 18:03 | Entertainment

“鉄腕アトム” ~ “阿童木” ~Movie

Last Sunday, I saw the movie [鉄腕アトム]. This movie produced from Hong Kong. At first, I think it from USA. 鉄腕アトム from手塚治虫. It’s very popular animation in Hong Kong. So, this movie is popular too. I know it is showing worldwide. A month ago, I bought the chocolate and sent the lucky draw. Luckily, I got two movie tickets. So happy.
I think this movie is OK. Story is attractive and touching and pictures are beautiful. Important that the tickets are free. ^^


by hkdingdong | 2009-10-26 18:05 | Entertainment


This is a very simple bread. Only starch. So we called “萬頭”. But now people don’t like it. So, it improve to fried it. When eating, put some condense milk.Very delicious. And good smell.

by hkdingdong | 2009-10-25 18:08 | Food

Steam 玉子豆腐 and 冬瓜

冬瓜 (Wax gourd) and 玉子豆腐. I never think they are match. Recently, I ate this dish from Chinese restaurant. Stream all with chicken soup. Very fresh and delicious. Ladies must like it. So, when I back to home, I do it immediately. Also delicious too.


by hkdingdong | 2009-10-24 18:06 | Food


This is a very popular Shanghai 上海 dessert. The surface is peanut drops. Content of 湯丸 is sesame. Sweet so much. My mother like this food. We often ate this from Chinese restaurant and Shanghai food restaurant. And other 上海湯丸 has sweet soup together but these no sweet soup.


by hkdingdong | 2009-10-23 18:12 | Food

Super strong typhoon [盧碧]

Yesterday, weather dept reported a super strong typhoon is coming. Now near Phillippine. Actually this is not a special news. But, this typhoon called [盧碧] OH~~~ this is my name. And the writing is exactly to me. my name is [盧碧x]. So, I am surprised and exciting. Because I couldn't believe a typhoon name same to my name. I told my mother and brother. They also exciting.

My colleagues said I must to celebrate. Ah, ah... I want it. But, I said if this typhoon blow to Hong Kong. I buy a cake to celebrate. (But typhoon is bad thing, why I celebrate, it's not good)

And I watched the TV said [盧碧] is created by phillippine. Means [cruel] amd [violent].
My family and my colleauges must said. The typhoon like me cruel and violent too.
by hkdingdong | 2009-10-21 02:48 | Ding-Dongのもの

Steam 竽頭糕

We often eat steam蘿白糕 white carrot pastry. Now this is
Steam 竽頭糕, the making is same. Only white carrot change to 竽頭. 竽頭 cut to small piece. Fried it with mushroom, dry shrimp, sausage etc. Then add salt, pepper, sugar, wine,spice. And starch. Then stream it for 2-3 hours. Add sauce when eating. Very delicious.


by hkdingdong | 2009-10-19 18:09 | Food

上海粗炒 Fired Shanghai noodle

Noodle is very famous food, especially in North China. I like eat shanghai 上海 food. [上海粗炒 Fired Shanghai noodle] is one my favour shanghai food. I like the sauce, some sweet. Must thick noodle, then add pork and 椰菜 to fired it. Very delicious. But somebody think rather oil. Anyway, everytime I went to shanghai food restaurant, I must eat this dish.


by hkdingdong | 2009-10-14 01:18 | Food

Michael Jackson [This is it]

Waiting so long, Michael Jackson new song [This is it] release later. Now we can listen this song from offical HP. This is slow song. It's soft. Surprised Michael's voice very good.

He died so sad.

Michael Jackson [This is it]
by hkdingdong | 2009-10-13 01:22 | Music

香港生まれの香港人, Ding-Dong です, Ding-Dong は Doraemon's Chinese Translation, very popular in HK
by hkdingdong


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