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豆沙角 Red Bean fried pastry

I often eat fried pastry is salty. Because many sweet fried pastry are too sweet. This kind is not too sweet. Red Bean inside like starch. Very good.


by hkdingdong | 2009-08-31 18:08 | Food

Mini Egg Tart

Egg Tart is very popular food in Hong Kong. It’s improvement tart come from England, but 100 years ago. Hong Kong changed it to Egg tart and has Hong Kong style. Very delicious tart. Now, we can see everywhere sold it in Hong Kong.
And some bread shop, restaurant promote mini egg tart. But I don’t like it because it’s too small, not enough.


by hkdingdong | 2009-08-30 18:13 | Food

Japanese Pancake

I remember I ate this Japanese pancake in Osaka, called {大阪燒}, very very delicious. The sauce is so good. That time cooked by ourselves in restaurant. Very happy.
This time I ate it in Hong Kong. The out-looking and taste is not good. And, less seafood inside. I missed Japan so much. >.<


by hkdingdong | 2009-08-29 18:32 | Food

Lunch buffet

I and my old friends had gathering on Aug 8.We went to have lunch buffet in hotel. This hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, is famous hotel called “Macro polo Hong Kong Hotel”. Long time ago don’t go there for buffet. Because I had 25% discount coupon, so I choice it. It’s not many kind for choice. Hot food, seafood, dessert, Indian curry, fruit, noodle, ice-cream etc….The taste is very good.
Unfortunately, I had stomachache. I ate many medicine still painful serious. So, that day I ate little, many food I had not eat. Too sad and dark for me. >.<

by hkdingdong | 2009-08-28 18:16 | Food


It is very popular noodle. Special is the sauce, it has heavy small piece peanut and peanut butter. The soup is very spice but dense. The noodle is 拉麵. My mother like eat spice, so she like it so so much.


by hkdingdong | 2009-08-27 18:27 | Food


Porridge is popular food in Hong Kong, I like it. This皮蛋瘦肉粥 is preserved duck’s egg + piece pork. Very delicious. I often cook it at home. I like add dried oyster together. The taste is better.
This time, I ate in Chinese restaurant. They like add肉鬆 (dried meat floss) on top.


by hkdingdong | 2009-08-26 18:19 | Food

Steam Vegetable bread

Now, Hong Kong people attend health, less oil, sugar, salt and meat. So, many food shop promote health food. Like the restaurant promote health steam vegetable bread. Inside is vegetable and mushroom. The sauce is sweet. I like eat vegetable, it’s very suitable for me because I like fresh.

by hkdingdong | 2009-08-25 17:11 | Food


This dish is a famous Shanghai 上海food. Because it’s spice, so I don’t like anymore. But my family like to eat. It has pork, 荀子, vegetable. Mainly is add the spice juice.


by hkdingdong | 2009-08-23 18:26 | Food

Turnip fried pastry

I like eat turnip (Japanese called 大根, we called 蘿蔔). The taste so sweet. So, I like used it to make dish. A very popular ‘dimsum” (Turnip fried pastry ~ called 蘿蔔糕), Used Turnip add pork, mushroom, dry shrimp, ,mixed starch. Then, steam it. Fried it before eating. If you like spicy, add the[ red pepper sauce] ~ is my mother’s favour..


by hkdingdong | 2009-08-22 17:18 | Food

Mango Pudding

Actually, I don’t like eat mango so much. But, Mango pudding is one of my favour. Because add fresh milk when eating, so delicious. And pudding is one my favour’s desert. Moreover, this cup and plate so beautiful, like European style. I like it.

by hkdingdong | 2009-08-20 17:15 | Food

香港生まれの香港人, Ding-Dong です, Ding-Dong は Doraemon's Chinese Translation, very popular in HK
by hkdingdong


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