Purple Rose Garden

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Already watch TV news reported 草剪剛 drank wine. And no wearing and shouted in public area. And affected the near residential. I went to Japan Yahoo. It is a hot topic. And shame too.
by hkdingdong | 2009-04-24 01:45 | News

Mushroom wallet

Moreover, I trade the photo album to mushroom wallet. Very lovely. Its' new. So, I like it so much. But, I consider to send to my friend or for myself. ^^


by hkdingdong | 2009-04-23 01:47 | Kawaii = 可愛

Rice + pork oil

Actually, I don't like pork oil because it's too fat and unhealth. But, recently, more TV drama recommend the rice + pork oil. Said it is delicious.

I remember when I was child. I know pork oil add to food. It's really very delicious. Like rice, bread, vegetable etc.... But now, I am adult. I afraid it.

But, last month, I and my family went to chinese resturant. We tried rice + pork oil. But very disappointed because the pork oil was too cold. It could not dissolved. Too bad the smell and taste. ><


by hkdingdong | 2009-04-22 01:48 | Food

Trade Goods

Recently, TV news reported because the World Financial tsunami. More people like trade goods. Through internet, we can trade the goods together. Moreover, the traffic so convenience in Hong Kong, more people like trade goods. I also registered as member. And succeed trade many goods. I like this trade because I haven’t many goods that I don’t like. If waste them, so pity. Now, I can trade it and exchange the goods I like. Very happy.
by hkdingdong | 2009-04-21 01:45 | Ding-Dongのもの

Lovely dog cups

From trade goods, I used 150 paper cups trade two lovely dog cups. It’s large. And these are hand made drawing. I think the handle is lovely. The old owner said these are gift, sending when purchased the dog’s food.
I will send them to my friends because they like dogs.

by hkdingdong | 2009-04-20 01:44 | Kawaii = 可愛

Three Kinds of Fried vegetable (煎釀三寶)

Fried vegetable is a very popular dish in Chinese restaurant. We called (煎釀三寶) means three kinds of vegetable, add the fish on the surface than fried them. It’s “Dim sum 點心” Finally, add the sauce before eating.


by hkdingdong | 2009-04-19 01:40 | Food

Fried Ginger Milk cake

We always eat the fried cake making from carrot and taros. But this time, this Chinese restaurant created a new dish. Is “Fried ginger milk cake”. Because I don’t eat peppery hot. Luckily, it hadn’t more ginger juice. But the milk was too less.


by hkdingdong | 2009-04-18 01:39 | Food


Because 和歌山貴志 station, station master {Tama} very cutie and lovely. I found my calendar also had the cats photos. The one is 三毛貓. Although it's not lovely than Tama, it's feather is beautiful too.


by hkdingdong | 2009-04-17 01:27 | Kawaii = 可愛


Last year, I watched the TV dram [のだめカンタービレ]. I know it's a comic. Then, shot to human verson. I like it too.

Yesterday, I watched the extra european verson. It's so good. I like it too.
I think 上佳樹里, her performance so good. And 玉木宏 good too. All like comic.
The sence very beautiful. Paris and Czech Republic are very beautiful. And the musican buildings are beautiful too.

by hkdingdong | 2009-04-16 01:36 | Entertainment

Milk + Sago(西米) coconut pudding

Last Sunday, I went to Chinese restaurant for lunch. I found a new style dessert. [Milk + Sago coconut pudding]. It’s good coconut smell and not so sweet.
So special.


by hkdingdong | 2009-04-15 01:24 | Food

香港生まれの香港人, Ding-Dong です, Ding-Dong は Doraemon's Chinese Translation, very popular in HK
by hkdingdong


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