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Helloween and death date?

Today is "Helloween". I saw many kids pretend to lovely ghost when they went to school in this morning. Recently years, some kindergarten and primary school held the "Helloween" function for the students.

Beside the school, many bars, resturants, shopping centers have "Helloween" decoration.

And today newsapaper reported a website "DeathClock". Said that it can be calculate when and where you will died, you only need enter the birth, sex, height, weight, smoking status, BMI (Over weight).

I check my death date will be Dec 8, 2047, it's good, left now remain 41 years. I think enough.

If have interested, may go there

by hkdingdong | 2006-10-31 21:45 | Festival


I like to eat "柿", 日本柿 is my favour. However, 日本柿 rather expensive. Recently years, China produce "柿" so cheap. Around HK$2 per each. And it's seems like "日本柿". So sweet.


by hkdingdong | 2006-10-31 21:32 | Food

Death Note

"Death Note" both comic and Anime are so popular in Hong Kong. Before, the moive of "Death Note" showed on cinema. Yesterday, the actors ( 藤原竜也/松山ケンイチ/戸田恵梨香) came to Hong Kong. Many fans went to promotion. All fans had given an "Apple".

The moive of "Death Note" will be showed on Nov 3 in Hong Kong and Japan too.


by hkdingdong | 2006-10-30 00:46 | 香港のもの


Tomorrow is Hong Kong public holiday. It's "重陽節". Including today, we have 2 twin public holiday. So happy. But, after this holiday. The next public holiday will be Christmas.
by hkdingdong | 2006-10-29 23:32 | 香港のもの


Recently years, we can found a new fruit called "火龍果" , I think it like fire and red color. I like it's color like "Rose". "火龍果" produce from Mid America. But now, China can plant it and the price so cheap. HK$3 for each. The taste is less sweet. But it has rich vitamin and health fruit. The seed like sesame.



by hkdingdong | 2006-10-28 23:57 | Food

Fish ? 石斑?

Last night, I and my family to Chinese Resturant. Beside order 羊肉, and fish. However, I don't know what is it? The taste is OK, is it "石斑"? But disappointed, steam too long.


by hkdingdong | 2006-10-27 00:10 | Food

羊肉煲 Mutton

Actually, I don't like to eat 羊肉 so much. If Western style cook, is not my favour. However, Chinese style cook, is my favour. I like it so much.

Beside, 羊肉, plus mushroom, 紫蘇葉, 荀子, 腐皮, vegetable, 馬蹄. Before eat, we would like to add "腐乳" and boiled it. Next time, I will cook it at home.


by hkdingdong | 2006-10-25 23:46 | Food


"ガラスの仮面" is my favour comic. I bought all comic. Few years ago, I began to see this comic. The story was so attractive. Two girls had different character. However, they were so interested in drama. Every drama were so great. I like the story so much. Until last year, Japan TV broadcasted this animation. And now, Hong Kong is broadcasting every saturday. Of course, I am so happy. The story was so fast than comic. But I am still disappointed the comic release so slow. ^^"

by hkdingdong | 2006-10-24 23:38 | 香港のもの


Hong Kong TV broadcasted the drama 「仮面ライダー555」. Already finished. Total 50 episode, I watched all yesterday night. I like 「仮面ライダー555」 when I were little. [仮面ライダー] is so so popular in Hong Kong. But recently years, I didn't watch the series of [仮面ライダー] . But my brother told me 「仮面ライダー555」so good. So, I and he watched it. It's really so good drama. All actors's performance were good.

I think "唐橋 充" performance was best. And I like "半田 健人", "村上 幸平", "藤田 玲", "山崎 潤".

I think 「仮面ライダー555」was so good drama in same series. Last time the best I think 「仮面ライダーRX」and 「仮面ライダーBlack」

by hkdingdong | 2006-10-21 23:55 | Entertainment

Stop Smoking in public area

Today, Hong Kong Government passed the rule. Begin from Jan 1, 07, all people cannot smoke on public area and conditional area. Including, resturant, park, beach, bar, Karaoke, cinema and in office...

Actually, now many public area and conditional area have smoking and non-smoking area. But, the health council said all smoking people need to stop the smoking from now. It's not only health for themselve and health to their family and arrounding people. I think it's right. However, many people will not have freedom in public area.
by hkdingdong | 2006-10-19 23:03 | 香港のもの

香港生まれの香港人, Ding-Dong です, Ding-Dong は Doraemon's Chinese Translation, very popular in HK
by hkdingdong


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