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Christmas Party year 2012

This year, my office cut off the bugget,so the christmas party had less food and drink>.< Very disappointed, but the economic is bad, so no any method? Now the woldwide economical fallen.

by hkdingdong | 2013-03-06 20:34 |


For Chinese New Year, many Merchants like placed the "年花" on the shop, resturant and shopping centre.

"桃花 = peach blossom"


"菊花 = chrysanthemum"



by hkdingdong | 2006-02-03 01:13 |


My office plant some "年花" ~ a good lucky flower for Chinese New Year. But, I don't know this is "牡丹花 or 勺藥花 = Peony", or they are the same? Anyway, some people believed if the flower grow strong and beautiful, this year will be good luck.


by hkdingdong | 2006-02-02 02:17 |

Ding Dong's Purple Rose

This "Purple Rose = 紫玫瑰" was my Birthday Flower this year. I remember I took a very satisfactory flower photo. Becuase it's so long before, I can't remember how to take it. Then, practice and practice. These photos were OK.

"Purple Rose = 紫玫瑰"

And, the other "Lily = 百合" was my birthday flower this year too.

"Lily = 百合"
by hkdingdong | 2005-12-01 01:42 |

久住町[ くじゅう花公園」

Saw two photos of Japan 久住町[ くじゅう花公園] There are so beautiful flowers. Same to the photos owner said like "紫色の絨毯". ^^ However, I don't where are there?





by hkdingdong | 2005-10-12 22:40 |

Real or False 花?

This glass consists two of Red rose. At first, I think these must false silk flowers. Oh, The shop advertising broad said these were real flowers with vaccum procedure. If can smell the perfume 花香, that's so good. I want to buy it, but my friend said don't put the not "fresh" flower at home or office. Not "fresh" mean "dead", not '吉利 = auspicious". =.=?

"Real or False Red Rose" 写真
by hkdingdong | 2005-10-07 02:05 |

Four Leaf Clover = 四葉草

Many people said if you have "四葉草 = 四つ葉のクローバー", you will have 幸せ. I never seen "四葉草". In Hong Kong, only have "三葉草" I don't know it is difficult to find "四葉草" in Japan or not. If difficult, then find it maybe bring 幸せ.

I found a Homepage, describe the meaning.


1枚はFaithful Lover(満ち足りた愛)
1枚はGlorious Health(すばらしい健康)
4枚揃って True Love(真実の愛)

I like "Faithful Lover", "Glorious Health" and "True Love".

四葉のクローバー 雑学辞典
by hkdingdong | 2005-08-26 02:21 |

蘭花 = Orchid

Tuesday, I walked though a florist and saw a plant of 蘭花 . The color of 蘭花 was beautiful.

"蘭花" 画像
by hkdingdong | 2005-07-30 01:38 |

Japan has many kinds of flowers

Yesterday, I posted some 紫陽花 photos. I found Japan has many kinds of flower, and has many sharp color, eg, blue, green, orange.. rare, less to see these color in real flower and plant in public area.

In HK, government plant less flowers, only plant tree, even private and public park. Represent HK's flower "洋紫荊", couldn't see it. So, if we want to see flowers, only in florist. Or, buy small plant and bundle of flowers ( "薔薇 = 玫瑰", 紫羅蘭, 菊花, 百合 most are imported flowers) in office or home. I can see many flowers in Japan from blog, fancy. Then, I must post many many flowers photos in my “Purple rose garden” = ^ 0 ^ =

" 洋紫荊 " 画像
by hkdingdong | 2005-07-15 02:14 |


日本の紫陽花 , these are many color, pink, purple, blue, white...., very beautiful.


More 画像
by hkdingdong | 2005-07-14 01:18 |

香港生まれの香港人, Ding-Dong です, Ding-Dong は Doraemon's Chinese Translation, very popular in HK
by hkdingdong
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